ClearView is a cloud based SaaS offering designed to provide actionable insights into the quality of the data protection efforts across your business. Information from your enterprise data protection system is streamed securely to the cloud and presented in a searchable, meaningful way to business users and IT professionals alike. ClearView increases transparency, drives process, automates repetitive tasks, and provides the tools IT needs to manage failures across the enterprise.

Comprehensive View

See your entire data protection landscape in one pane of glass regardless of the number of backup technologies in place or how they may be fragmented across your business.

Identify Partial Failures

Backups that complete but have errors due to files being open or other non-catastrophic reasons are easily identified allowing you to determine what risks your organization is exposed to.

Reveal Unprotected Clients

Clients that are not being backed up by any backup solution or are not meeting your policies are reported and treated as failures so your data protection team can remediate.

Enriched System Data

Add attributes to your backup data and clients that are meaningful to your business. These can be any individual value such as criticality, as set of values such as applications running, or hierarchical attributes such as country, state and city.

Integrated Failure Tracking

Tracking of failed backups, backups completed with errors, missing backups, site failures, failed full backups, and long running backups is integrated into our bMDF management process. ClearView can also be integrated with your ticketing system and tracked with your other infrastructure incidents.

Cloud Based & Mobile Ready

ClearView is a secure cloud based SaaS with a mobile friendly UI that can be accessed from anywhere and is easily integrated into your existing oAuth SSO/UAA provider. Secure endpoints are available for integration with your on premise systems and for creating custom transformations of your backup data.

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